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For the list of modalities that I currently offer, please check the Modalities page.

Each of your sessions will be indivisually and personally tailored for your needs and desires, by combining these modalities and other techniques.

Multi-Session Packages and Subscriptions with up to 25% discounts, and eGift Cards are also available.

Single-Session Prices

Sessions (Appt Time)
Deep Massage &
Swedish Massage
Lomi Lomi
20 mins* (9:15pm or earlier)
30 mins* (~9:15pm)
60 mins* (~8:45pm)
75 mins* (~8:30pm)
90 mins* (~8:15pm)
120 mins* (~7:45pm)
150 mins* (~7:15pm)
180 mins* (~6:45pm)

For each session, please allow extra 10-20 minutes for pre-session interview, assessment, undressing/dressing, post-session reflection. Shower is available.

If you enjoyed my service and treatment, please share your experience with your partner(s), friends, and family.

I strongly believe that everyone deserves a nice and relaxing massage regularly, and I have been striving to keep your sessions as affordable as possible. I would appreciate it, though it's not required, if you consider offering gratuity for the services you received.

You are NOT requred to prepay for your session, but if you would like to prepay for your existing or future appointment(S), please CLICK HERE.


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