Making an appointment to enjoy your session


1. Make an appointment
          * Click HERE to make an appointment ONLINE
          * Call 24/7 at (214) 453-3509 to speak to a friendly receptionist (Powered
             by My Receptionist®)

          * Send email to with your desired date & time,
             session (90 min, 60 min, etc.), and phone number.

2. You will receive an appointment confirmation email
          * The confirmation email includes the driving directions.
          * If your email address is provided, a confirmation email will be sent to
             the email address. If otherwise, and if it is not a same-day appointment,
             I will call back and confirm your appointment.

          * In case of a same-day in-call appointment, though I try my best to
             confirm your appointment, you may not receive any confirmation before
             your session.

3. Come and show up around your appointment time. 
          * Don't sweat if you are a little late!
          * Please call at (214) 453-3509 if you know you will be late.

4. Pre-Session Interview
          * Let's talk about you, your situations, health/medical conditions, 
             feelings, goals, and expectations that you may have for the session.  

          * If this is your first time, you will be asked to fill out a client intake form
             prior to the interview:

CLICK HERE to download the intake form

5. Get Ready....
          * Disrobe as much as you feel comfortable and get on the table while I
             wash my hands and prepare myself.

6. Relax and enjoy your session!
          Please click HERE (FAQ) for more information about what you should 
          expect during the session.

Click Here: Easy Online Appointment

phone: (214) 453-3509
(24/7, Powered by My Receiptionist®)